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The collection and revision of the symposium’s activities, then its publication and editing in an elegant edition appropriate to the celebration of Kairouan as the 2009 Islamic culture capital


 Helping students in conducting research on the art and architecture of Kairouan and then publishing their research


 Collecting the manuscripts of the history and civilization of Kairouan and publishing them.


 Increasing communication with the libraries of Kairouan and especially the library of “Raccada” and with those abroad in an attempt to discover the manuscripts that pertain to  the history of Kairouan and the libraries of Syria, Istanbul, Egypt, Berlin and Madrid.


 Collecting some of the contracts and documents of the history of Kairouan; those which were kept by the citizens of the town


 Increasing the communication with those specialized in the study of the history and culture of Kairouan and asking them to help in order to achieve the success  of the plan. Contacting especially Professor Mickloush Mourani, Berlin University


 We will see if there is a possibility to translate some of the important references such as Professor Mouran's book or some chapters of it 


Beitrage zur Qeschichte der   Hadith-und Rechtsge Lehrsamkeit der Malikiyya in North Afrika bis zun 5j. d. h,      Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz,1997.


 In order to show the African Cultural dimension of Kairouan we are going to publish a thesis conducted by student Abdurrahman Hasan Mahmoud of Zaytouna University, entitled “Islam and Christianity in the East of Africa from the 18th C to the 20th C”


 The possibility of re-publishing the book entitled “Kairouan The Civilized Capital in the history of the Islamic Maghreb” published by the unit in2006.


 Organizing intellectual meetings and symposiums with other units and organizations such as the Centre for Islamic Centre of Kairouan and the Higher Institute of  Islamic Culture, in order to achieve the success intended.


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