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The different activities of the scientific unit focused on scientific research on the history of Kairouan, organizing intellectual meetings, holding a scientific symposium and publishing three books.

The unit has signed a number of research contracts with four research students. The topics of their research were innovative and the unit has published them.

The topics are as follows:

- “ A detailed bibliography of Kairouan” by student researcher Nacer Hanzouli

- “ Kairouan in the medieval era through some texts” by student researcher Abed Elhamid Bahrouni

- “ The marvellous architectural style in the holy shrine of “ Sidi Sahbi” by student researcher Ali Mansouri

- “  Islamic cemeteries and  funeral art in Kairouan in the Medieval era” by ElArby Arby Essghir

The unit has organized three intellectual meetings and one International Scientific symposium:

- The first meeting was held on April the 20th, 2005 in the Centre of The Islamic Studies of Kairouan, on “Kairouan, The Civilized Capital in the History of The Islamic Orient”. Professors and students participated in this meeting.

- The second meeting was held on April  19th , 2006 in The Centre of The Islamic Studies of Kairouan , on “ The dimension of Civilization in  Islamic Architecture , Kairouan as a model”

- The third meeting was held on April the 11th ,2007 in “Zaytouna” University , on “ Kairouan as depicted in the books of geography and trips”

And on the occasion of declaring Kairouan  the 2009 Islamic Culture Capital, the Unit, together with the unit of research Ibn Kholdoun in the faculty of Human and Social Sciences University of Tunis, held on April  24th,25th 2009 an international scientific symposium on “The scientific and technical contributions of Kairouan” in the Centre of Islamic studies of Kairouan. Professors and students, both from Tunisia and from abroad (Marocco, France, Germany, and Spain) participated in this symposium.

The topics of this symposium were as follows:

-Water and the techniques of agriculture,  researchers have shown Kairouan's important contribution in building large water resources  which solved the problem of water distribution in the town.

-Jobs and artisanal crafts, some professions and manual industries of Kairouan were studied.

-The medical school of Kairouan. Researchers have proved the fundamental importance of this school which contributed to the enhancement of the study of medicine in the Christian West.

- The intellectual contributions of Kairouan and especially the religious aspect.


  the scientific and technical contributions of Kairouan


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